Despre noi

Software and Hardware 

We are a team of passionate software and electronics engineers, that are trying to integrate all business needs into software.

For the company software general needs: clients/ suppliers/accounting/stocks/production/HR/CRM/E-commerce .. we are using latest ODOO Community Version.

For specific software needs (even controlling hardware equipment) we are building modules integrated in Odoo.

f necessary, we are making custom automatizations using Raspberry PI.

Cloud services

For your company success and efficiency we are hosting in our cloud all your neccesary software:  Odoo, website , email...Your ony care will be to have a Internet connection.

Our codes are in Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS and the client can see the code, and can be modified and understood.

Why Open Source?
- we are transparent with our clients, and thru this we are building trust ( no one knows what can be in a complied code)
- we want other people to look at our codes and we are opened to suggestions for improving the code
- it is working on all kind of hardware and operating systems 
- we want our clients to be able to use, develop and extend their business with and without us 
- the business logic and knowledge is going to remain at the client disposal, so that he will have the option to modify existing code however he wants, things that he cannot do with a closed source code

Why Odoo? it is open source- these days, whatever business you have, you need to have all the business processes in an unique software because any duplication of work, and loss of time is affecting your ability to stay on the market- Odoo is now an international well established player on integrated software solutions for business  like SAP,  Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Oracle,  Salesforce- latest versions of Odoo have the best and optimized frameworks for developing and for instant response- the development in Odoo is standardized, existing thousands of developers worldwide- in  Odoo Community Edition there are already done modules for all the general business needs and beside this there is a market place with more than 100 000 modules - it is used and can be used from small companies to the biggest companies because 1) it has a modular and scalable  design and 2)  it has also a community edition that can be used without any money ( but you need a lot of knowledge and experience- is well documented and the web is full of tutorials and help how to use it and even how to develop in it
 este folosit și poate fi folosit de la firme mici pana la cele mai mari companii deoarece : 1) are un design modular și scalabil, si 2) are și o versiune care poate fi folosită fără  licență platită - Odoo Community Edition ( dar aveți nevoie de experiență de programare sau daca nu, puteți lucra cu un dezvoltator/ firmă de dezvoltare software specializată)
- softul este foarte bine documentat si Internetul este plin de tutoriale și ajutor despre cum să-l folosești și chiar cum să te dezvolți module pentru Odoo
- pentru specificul legislativ/contabil din România exista și Asociația Comunitații Odoo România unde devoltatorii și partnerii Odoo colaborează pentru menținea la zi a softului

Why us?
- we are a team of experienced engineers with a good understanding of business processes, of business requirements and the possibilities of software and hardware.
- what is established is also going to be implemented because it is done by the developer ( we do not have specialized sales people, or consultants that can lead to development of a different business need)
- we see the problems from a business owner view, and from the user and not just as a programmer 
- even if you do not really know what are your needs we can give you the industry standard and to start from it till you'll find the optimum for you business
- our software / hardware are done in a clear, bug free, explained way and are just functioning
- our goal is for your company to grow and be as efficient as possible, and to win together with you in the long term