Custom software development /integration/ support/ training 

We have experiences Odoo developert that are creeating and deliver high quality solution that will satisfy your business requests. We have Odoo locatlization for Romania.

Price: 35Euro/ora ( minimum 10h)

Odoo integrated software - for just created companies

If you just started a company, we are creating your website + client portal + invoicng + crm/project mdules. Your software infrastructure will be online in a week and ready for your customers with endless posibilites of growth.If you are a small company from Romania we can keep also the accouting.

Price: 500Euro  Now with 10% discount

Odoo cloud

We are hosting in our cloud your Odoo instance with any coniguration of standard and prsonalised modules.​

Price from 300Euro/year (based on use, traffic, database size..)

Company website creation

The website will be created using latest Odoo version, and the clinet will recive a username and password. With them he can modify the webiste, can view statistigc and work in whatever aplication he choose. The website will be in english and romanian languages, with design from existing themes.

Price: 200 Euro 
Price: 500 Euro with E-commerce

Custom hardware solutions / interconnection

We are creating in Odoo the necessary modules to interact with existing hardware equipment. If necessary, we are creating hardware to monitor/control the equipment and integrate it with our software modules.

Price: 35Euro/h (minim 10h)

On premise server installations.

We are installing and configuring Linux servers ( preferably Ubuntu 22.04) with all the services that you need like for example: Odoo, email ( SMTP, IMAP), file sharing, DNS, PostgreSQL/SQL, NGINX, firewall, SSL, SSH, VPN, SFTP ..

Price: 200Euro/server

Integration in software of hardware equipemntes

We are integrating and contolling thru integrated software the existing hardare. As for example: fiscal cash registers, ip phone, routers, sensors, printers, servers.

Price: 35Euro/h